Released April 23rd, 2021

Some Type
Of Way

Released June 11th, 2021

Raise Another Glass

Released August 13th, 2021


The Trapeze Artists is a collaborative effort between multi-instrumentalist Kyle (the tall one) and singer/songwriter Joe (the other one) based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Stuck at home with nothing to do in 2020, the guys started making music in June. Soon enough, they had a few songs sitting on Kyle's computer, and they sounded pretty good.

The vision of TTA is just two friends making music and seeing where it goes. When it comes to genre, they write whatever they feel like. Mixing elements of funk, rock, and a little bit of indie pop results in an album with a lot of variety and depth.

Their debut album is set to release late summer of 2022. Keep up with TTA on social media for more announcements!


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